High BP, but home!

 This week was a bit rough with our dad. He got another bad headache, vision issues and upset stomach on Tuesday (and had to travel to an already scheduled checkup feeling so poorly!). Doctor's said the medication he is on may be the culprit, but unfortunately, he needs to stay on those meds...migraine and nausea meds were prescribed to help when the headaches occur...his BP is also on the rise due to medication...

and the benefit of the meds he needs outweigh the risks at this time...
Our mom has become an overnight nurse, taking dad's temp, pulse o2, and blood pressure several times daily and also takes care of his 24/7 Penicillin IV. She said she is happy to do this, but it is above her pay grade! Haha
Dad sleeps and rests most if the time and does his best getting through the day. We make him good meals and pray his appetite improves.
He gets labs done 2x weekly at Siteman, and gets any infusions, transfusions, etc. as needed each time.
Our parents may be gone a minimum of 4+ hours or up to 8 or even 10 hours depending on what he needs. This recovery is a process...a long process... We are very thankful he is home again with us and not in the hospital and we can see him each day.
Thank you all for your prayers, love, help and contributions you have made to help our family. This is a rough time for our family and we truly appreciate it!!!
May the Lord bless your day.
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