Update from Isabella

Hey y'all! We used this blog to keep everyone updated on our Dad last summer and fall.  Then I figured why not use our blog to keep you updated on everything!😁 So here it goes. Hang on!!
Daddy is home and trying to work part time at his job. He has developed GvHD of the liver and is on some pretty hefty medications; Some of which are causing a host of other problems...and they have medications to counter all of those.
He and my mom make weekly all-day trips to the cancer hospital where he sees various doctors, gets tests and infusions and then comes back home. All in all, he still needs a great deal of prayer! Here at home, my dad and I actually went outside and fixed up the lawn mowers for the summer as well as tried our hand at building a raised garden bed for strawberries!! Once he could do it all in a day, but this will take many weeks before it gets done...but that is okay because I'm just happy he and I can do things together, no matter how slow!!!

Mom is doing very well. She still makes the best bread this side of the Mississippi! She helps us with school and is such a great Mother!! 

I am a proud aunt of a new nephew! He was born in February. Two of my older brothers are getting married in the same week this coming April!! 

I am so happy to gain two new sisters-in-law as well!! One of my older sisters just had a birthday, is trying to finish high school this summer and is doing great! 

My younger sister is doing great as well! We just enjoy hanging out together most of the time and doing school! 

I am just fine! Loving life, enjoying the spring and getting things ready for garden planting!! I have two Great Pyrenees and they are my life! I don't know what I would do without Dixie and Shasta!! I also have a Quarter Horse mixed Appaloosa named Chex! He is great!! I love to live on our farm and feed all of the chickens and Matilda (my hog)!

I think that pretty much covers everything for now! So I will sign off! 
God bless your day/week!
Stay tuned for more!!😀